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EnSol Frost - lithium solution for cold storaget

Lithium batteries for cold storage

EnSol Frost is a safe and environmentally-friendly solution to working with food products without damaging the lithium battery or reducing its capacity in a freezer storage.

EnSol Frost allows for operation and charging at temperatures as low as Ц20F. EnSol Frost battery capacity maintains 95% of the rated capacity even at extremely low operating temperatures. It is especially effective in long-term operation in cold storage where product preservation often requires equipment to remain in freezing temperatures. Conventional batteries, when operating in such harsh conditions, lose 30-50% of their capacity, and are discharged quickly.

Ensol Frost batteries can also be charged at -20F.

EnSol Batteries specifically designed for a warehouse environment.
Complete battery line for all truck types:

Battery voltage range, V

24 - 80

Battery capacity range*, Ah

100 - 1200

Maintenance-free operation
Fast charging
Opportunity charging
Long service life
Safe and environmentaly friendly
Economic benefit