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Ensol is a European engineering company,
developer and manufacturer of energy-efficient
solutions for material handling industry
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Lithium batteries for material handling fleet

Ensol lithium batteries reduce the cost of warehouse equipment ownership by up to 50%! This is accomplished through drastic reduction of charging time, opportunity and fast charging, no maintenance and significantly longer lifetime than comparable lead-acid and gel batteries. Large warehouse operators have already given preference to our lithium batteries and, according to experts, innovative lithium batteries will drive "lead" out of the market by the end of this decade. The only question is who will start to save faster - you or your competitors.

EnSol Batteries specifically designed for a warehouse environment.
Complete battery line for all truck types:

Battery voltage range, V

24 - 80

Battery capacity range*, Ah

100 - 1200

Maintenance-free operation
Fast charging
Opportunity charging
Long service life
Safe and environmentaly friendly
Economic benefit