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Ensol is a European engineering company,
developer and manufacturer of energy-efficient
solutions for material handling industry
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LED lighting

LED lighting

The use of LED lighting fully reflects the EnSol company's vision in the field of energy efficiency - it is profitable, saving and safety.

Official partnership with the largest manufacturers of LED luminaries and technically skilled specialists with a wealth of experience allow us to find and implement solutions of any problem in the field of high-quality warehouse complex lighting - we don't provide the customer a set of lighting but prepare individual design developed in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer. We take into account all input data to appropriately calculate and prepare the design - object area, required level of illumination, number of employees, equipment, etc.

The use of LED lighting gives a lot of advantages in comparison with other light sources - it saves up to 80% of power bill and maintenance costs, provides a high-quality illumination of the working surface and has a low overall luminance. In addition, its introduction does not require supply network replacement and cable modernization.

Depending on the premise size and configuration we offer solutions to achieve any level of illumination with the high-quality equipment of the largest LED luminary manufacturers - O2, Ecolight, Leader Light and Noviy Svet.